Dear Jessica, we would like to thank you for your support, your courage and your confidence that you have given us during our time together. I was really desperate. For 16 months I have not slept one night. Emil woke up every two hours, and he stayed often awake for several hours. Not only had I reached my limits, my husband and our relationship as well. I decided to contact Jessica even if that meant to overcome my prejudice - I always have been completely against sleep training. But what can I say…? I was convinced after the first conversation with her - Jessica was very nice and I felt understood and in good hands. I was relieved to get a plan from her. No more doubting what to do or not to do. It felt so good to have a guide and just follow it. Emil did a great job and made the whole process very easy for us. He just needed a little nudge into the right direction, which I would not have been able to do so without Jessica's help. I can recommend the sleep training methods of Jessica to every sleepless mom. It is gentle and adapted to the needs of children and parents. Emil slept after only 3 nights 11 hours, in his own bed, previously UNTHINKABLE! Our family life is now much more relaxed, calmer and happier. THANK YOU!

Sina and son Emil (16months) Germany

The Sleeping Baby Project really works, and we like to thank Jessica for her help and to present to us this outstanding project. At first we were really skeptical. We asked ourselves: What can Jessica tell us or do, which we have not already read in books or on the Internet? But after working with her and doing the sleep training with her, we know that there is a big difference between the advice and tips you can find in books and websites, and a plan specifically tailored to your child. The key to success was the close cooperation with her and that she could answer all our questions and doubts quickly and professionally - and books can not do that. Before we started with the plan, Jessica really looked at all aspects of our daughter and our family life to better understand us and our situation and that made the big difference. Our daughter Alba started sleep training when she was 13 months old. Until then she was still breast-fed. She could only fall asleep with her breast, and woke up every two hours to demand the breast. She cried often and it was impossible for her father to calm her to sleep - she was too much focused on Mama. The nights were long and neither she nor we got the sleep we needed. After just a few days of training, we saw a radical change. Today, Alba learned how to fall alsleep alone and can sleep for 12 hours straight. She eats better and both mum or dad, aunt and grandmother can put her to bed without problems. We put her in her bed and she sleeps alone and happily. The nap had also dramatically improved. Before the training, she managed a maximum of 30 minutes - now it's 70-90 minutes and it gets better and better. Enough sleep is very important for her development. We came to the conclusion that Jessica Rojas can help with sleep issues and has provided us with "tools" and assistants which are very helpful not only for sleep problems, but also in many other aspects of our daughter's education and development. We are very happy to have made this first investment in the education of our daughter with Jessica. Thank you from all of us!

Misael, Daniela and daughter Alba (13 months) – Germany

I would like to thank Jessica for what she did for our family. With your help we now have peaceful and relaxed evenings instead of the daily struggles we had with our son. Since our eldest son Leonard now feels safe and happy in his own bed and bedroom and is able to sleep there all night, we parents recovered our bedroom for ourselves again. That is a big plus for our marriage. At the beginning of the sleep training, I was a little skeptical because Leonard (6 years) is no longer a baby or small child. I worried that his sleep problems had become so ingrained that it was "too late" for another sleep training. We've really tried so many things before! With her encouraging and positive nature, Jessica has shown us ways and rituals how to help Leonard in a loving but consistent way. Even in the exciting time of starting school for the first time, we could always rely on Jessica's guidance. Leonard is now well rested in the mornings and thus much more relaxed and happy. Thank you so much Jessica !!!

Silke and son Leonard (6 years) – Germany

Through the sleep program, my husband and I have finally regained more life quality as a family. Our son did a wonderful job at the training and made the whole process very easy for us. Apparently he only needed a small "nudge" in the right direction. Thank you for everything!!!!

Catherine and son Tristan (7 months) – Germany

Sleep training actually works! I was skeptical, but it turned out exactly as Jessica promised me it would! Our son sleeps about 11 hours every night. For me that's a little miracle. Philip has always been a bad sleeper. From the 7th month on it was only going downhill, he woke up at night every hour and slept only if I nursed him back to sleep. When he was 11 months old and the sleeping situation did not improve the least, we decided to give sleep training a try. I also wanted to wean by baby, which seemed unthinkable - he couldn't sleep without my breast. I was really skeptical whether the training would work and if I could handle it, since my little one is very strong and would certainly not abandon his habits without protest. But Jessica has always assured me that we will make it and continued to motivate us again and again. After a few days Philip slept through the night - naps were an bigger issues, but after some time they worked out as well. Jessica told me over and over again that I should just hold on a little bit longer and his naps will improve and he will sleep more than 35 minutes only. What can I say, "she was right!" Our life is now so much more relaxed. I was able to stop breastfeeding two weeks after we started the training. We are all now sleeping great, and Philip goes to bed without any tears or complaints. He's now learning to walk and has started day care and I am so glad that he gets his urgently needed sleep at night which is important in such a phase. Thanks Jessica. Keep it up!

Ina and son Philipp (11 months) – Germany

Wow, I don't know what to say first. I am so happy we did sleep training. Our daughter, 3 years, still had huge sleep problems. She couldn't fall asleep by herself. And at night she came to the bedroom at least every 1-2 hours. In the end, she slept with us in our bed, but often woke up and screamed or ran through the whole apartment. Our pediatrician also did not know what to do and gave us melatonin (sleep hormone) for her, but that did not help. We thought she might have ADHD and is hyperactive, but we did not want to give her pills. Since both of us are working, the situation was simply unbearable. And Zoey was really difficult to handle during the day and threw many tantrums. At a doctor's office, a nurse told me about Jessica and her training. I had never heard of it before. Since we were so desperate, I just called. She was nice and I had confidence in her. That was the best decision! Zoey now sleeps alone and manages to stay in her bed almost all night and fall asleep by herself. Very rarely she comes to us, but because of the training I know exactly what I have to do to calm her. It really gets better and better. She has become much calmer - even if she still has a temper. The weeks of training, in which I sometimes were pushed to my limit, were definitely worth it. Jessica was a great help. I can only advise all parents to try it out.

Maria and Zoey (3 yrs) – Spain

As a family, we have improved a lot since the training. Our son sleeps great and is now able to sleep in his room. I do not have to breast-feed him at night anymore - but can still continue to do so during the day. My husband does not have to sleep on the sofa anymore, which of course he's happy about. Since I sleep better and Alexander no longer cries so much and has become much easier, I feel emotionally better and stronger. The training has helped and I can recommend Jessica.

Heike and Alexander (11 months) – Germany

I would like to say a thousand thanks to Jessica! I still can not believe that we really got the sleep problems of our daughter under control. It was hard work, but it was definitely worth it. Marie has become a much more relaxed child and also the difficulties with eating are almost gone. I am really grateful to you for not giving up and always encourage me to try one more time - I could not have done it all by myself. It was great that we worked as a team and I felt understood, even if I was not always rational and sometimes very stressed out during the training. Thanks for your very great patience!

Andrea and Marie (2 yrs) – Germany

First I would like to thank you Jessica, for the time you have spent with us and your great support. You always believed in us, and so we believed in ourselves. The reassurance we received from you is simply priceless. We got so many tips from you, which helped us very much in our everyday life. Finally passed the time when I had to nursed my 9 month old baby to sleep every couple of hours and at the same time carry him around. And I can sleep now also at night! Thanks Jessica!

Tanja and son Jan /9 months) – Germany

Jessica is just great. No matter what happened or how crazy and difficult some situations were, she always had a piece of advice which worked and reassured me. Above all, through her calm, caring and polite attitude she always helped me to stay motivated and never give up. I learned a lot about sleep in general, as well as how it affects my child and why I should care about it. Through the process I learned a lot about the personality of my little girl. I can highly recommend sleep training to every parent.

Daniela and daughter Rita (1 year) – Germany

Jessi was sent by the angles just in time. I was at my limit since I didn't have a good, long sleep in months. My baby Max woke up almost every hour. I was so exhausted. Then I found Jessi. She was my big hope and she didn't disappoint me. She helped me immediately. Right away we started the sleeping program with Max. For me it was important that it was a smooth and gentle way to teach him sleeping. At first I was scared and not sure if I'm doing the right thing here since I didn't want to harm him. But Jessi helped me to see that we do the right thing and only have his best interest in mind, since sleeping is very important for the growing process. So after just 2 nights, Max slept 12 hours through and does ever since. I have my life back and our hole family benefits from this. We are very happy and thankful for the support Jessi gave us through the hole training, every day any time. Thank you so much Jessi. We highly recommend you to every mother, father and baby in this world. Love, Steffi, Rene and little Max

Stephanie and son Max (7months) – Germany


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