How to have a “SUPER SPECIAL” February – and I’m not talking ONLY about Valentine’s day…..

How to have a SUPER SPECIAL February – and I’m not talking ONLY about Valentine’s day…..


Well, Valentine’s day is around the corner.

Suddenly it’s all about love and appreciation and couples’ time – which is great I think. 

To be totally honest, I personally never celebrated Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, you should love and appreciate your loved ones all year round and show it to them on a daily basis and not just once a year with a grand gesture. 


But, this said, I also think that Valentine’s day, or better said, the big fuss around it, could be a good opportunity to pause for a moment, step back and have an honest glance at how your life is right now.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new parent in overwhelm mode or an experienced veteran parent of four – it’s always a good idea to see what’s really going on. 

Life is sooo busy and crazy, and if you add a child or a couple of them to the mix…. well, crazy and busy will be multiplicated by a hundred, don’t you agree?!

I personally LOVE family rituals. In my opinion, this will unite you and bring you so much closer together as a family. And it will make the most beautiful memories and impressions for everyone involved – especially the children.

So why don’t you take advantage of all the Valentine’s fuss right now and establish some new rituals for your family? Even if you are like me and don’t care too much about Valentine’s Day – teaching your children values like love and appreciation, sharing, taking care of each other and serving others selflessly is ALWAYS a good idea.

And the month of FEBRUARY is a great month to start a new family ritual.

Here are some ideas:


  • Get into the right spirit or mood

This year, Valentine is on a Friday (14th February 2020).

You could dedicate the WHOLE week to LOVE and APPRECIATION. 

Start with decorating your apartment or house. This can be a fun time with your kids on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day week starts. Have a crafts project and decorate the whole house, with little hearts, little notes, inspiring quotes, drawings or any other craft projects, etc. 

For the month of February, your house will be papered with love. 

And you could also start this special week (or even the whole month of February) with a new tradition: a gift certificate for a backrub or foot massage every night for a month for your children. Kids feel loved when we listen to them and give them an opportunity to talk through their daily challenges. Every single day, spend 15 minutes snuggling with each child before bed. Not reading, that’s separate. Snuggle time is just chatting, or snuggling companionably. Most kids love a backrub and hand or foot rub. Darkness helps you connect soul to soul.

Most probably after the week or month, you’ll realize the gift was really to you, and you won’t be willing to give up your new habit.


  • Make every day count and special. 

So, you got the whole week designated as a special week (Monday to Sunday). 

Come up with a special plan for every day. 


E.g. on Monday it’s phone call appreciation day. 

Make a list (together with your kids and partner) of family members and dear friends who are living far away or you can’t see often. On Monday you call them and everyone in your family can tell them a few kind and appreciative words.


Maybe on Tuesday, it’s family appreciation day. 

Write little notes (or small children can draw a picture) for every family member and hide the notes somewhere where the other person will find it. In Daddys work bag, Mummys makeup bag, the child’s lunchbox he or she brings to school, hide a note in the bed or jacket pocket, on the bathroom mirror….. get creative folks! 

Surprise each other and make it a little like a scavenger hunt….

Every family member could do something special and nice to each and every one of their family.


Wednesday could be a “Service to others”-Day. 

Find out if there is a charity or an organization where you can serve and help others. Do this as a family event. Go to an animal shelter and help out, or to a retirement home with some homemade cookies to give to the elderly. I’m sure, if you think about it, you will come up with many options on how you can provide selfless service to others in your community. Or do you know an elderly neighbor or friend who might not have a Valentine to celebrate with this year? Make his or her day by delivering a bouquet of flowers and a homemade card.


Thursday might be movie night with snuggles.

There are many cute Valentine’s Day movies for kids, including: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Ever After,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and a sweet compilation of some of Disney’s best couples – “Mickey & Minnie’s Sweetheart Stories.” Make it perfect with a huge bag of popcorn or your kid’s favorite treats.


Friday could be a special family dinner time.

Make the dinner mood festive with a short family dance party before dinner. Don’t forget the romantic slow dance for the grown-ups! Finish with a family hug. After the dancing, eat with candles on the table. Oh, and why not dress up nicely for the occasion? At dinner, go around the table and give each person a chance to give an appreciation and maybe give them a little gift you have prepared for them.


And on the weekend…. well, I can not tell you all my secrets and ideas. I’m sure you will figure out something on your own. Just keep the mood and spirit alive. Have fun with your family, go to the zoo, the park, the beach, the movies….


OH, and what’s about adult couples time???? 

Now since there is a child or various in the picture it’s not that easy anymore to find that intimate special time for each other, right?!

Well, it is absolutely paramount that you are still a husband and wife and not “only” a mummy or daddy. 

My biggest advice is: HIRE A BABYSITTER AND GO OUT!!!!


P.S. If your baby or child can only fall asleep and stay asleep with YOU (not grandma and not the babysitter) – well, then let’s have a chat and see what we can do about that…..


Obviously only hire a babysitter if that is an option.

If not, then put your children to bed early and pretend you are on a “date night” at a fancy restaurant or hotel and not at home. It might feel a bit silly at first, but humor me and give it a try.

Turn Your Room To A Romantic Love Cinema for Two!

After the kids are in bed, you can turn your room or the guest room into a romantic love nest. You can get creative with rose petals, candles, wine, chocolate and any other accessory of choice that your significant other would love and accommodate.

And top it off with a romantic movie.

Have a “picnic” on your living room floor.

A hot bubble bath or shower in the candlelit bathroom

…. Do I need to tell you more? As I said before: “Get creative, inspired and romantic!”


Well, that were just “my two cents” on the Valentine topic. 

Let me know what are your family and couple’s tradition on Valentine.  I would love to hear them and get inspired too.


Lot’s of LOVE

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